Some of the "Very Best of" of Robert Ragan's Internet genealogy tips, tricks, and family tree research secrets and methods, that you can enjoy in 5 minute segments.


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"5 Minute Internet Genealogy Video Lessons"

17 FIVE MINUTE time-saving genealogy, online family tree research and computer tips that show how to supercharge your genealogy research... and will work with any of the surnames you are researching - from any geographic areas that your ancestors came from.

A Personal Invitation From Robert Ragan:

Dear Fellow Genealogy Researcher, Treasure Maps Reader, Long-Time Friends and Students,

Since 1995, I've had the honor of writing hundreds of genealogy articles and tips in the Treasure Maps genealogy e-mail newsletter and for the Treasure Maps how-to genealogy site.

I've also written, self-published and produced about a dozen how-to genealogy research guides in print and on video CDs that you watch on your computer screen, click on the pause button, and then try the methods for yourself.

And although both of the in-print guides (that had a lot of computer screen shots in the printed courses) and video CD courses have received amazing reviews and feedback from those who have used them, the video course format on CDs has been, by far, the most effective teaching tool.

Think about it: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video that shows how to do something, step-by-step and with a pause button is worth a million words.

Not just a "rehash" or updated... There is NEW stuff too!

Yes, these lessons are indeed the "best of the best" tips and methods from the massive amount of valuable information from my guides, courses and articles from 1995 to now. And yes, some of the lessons have been updated because of changes over the years on the Internet. But if I'm finding things I've forgotten--good stuff, that works well as a video segment and is in line with the list I mentioned--then, there is a good chance that any long-time readers and students have forgotten as well.

I promise that not only are many of the tips, etc. updated...but they are better than ever in this video format.

Keep in mind that even if you have every course or guide that I ever done, there are plenty of NEW things that I will be sharing with you, that you've never seen before.

NEW - And easy-find MENU BAR on the side of the video screen. Even if you have seen any of my other video courses you have not yet seen this great feature. The menu bar on the side of the screen allows you click on any one of the 5 minute lessons and start from that point.

Sneak Peak: Here are screen shots from the lessons

Screen shot of lessons on Disk ONE

Screen shot of lessons on Disk TWO

Note: These screen shots are much smaller than the actual size.

So, you don't have time to do your genealogy?

Well, now you do! ALL of these five minute computer-friendly video lessons will make you a better online genealogy researcher. All you have to do is pick any 5 minute lesson and run with it. This truly does "break it down to a little bit at a time" as mentioned on the list. You can have success in no time!

You will discover easy ways to trace your roots online, manage the information that you find, and double your effectiveness.


  "I will take you step-by-step at your own speed, through every part of the "5 Minute Internet Genealogy Video Lessons."

These exclusive home study tips, tricks, and family tree research secrets and methods is like having your own coach, sitting with you at your computer, while you sit in the driver's seat.

"You can learn so easily, following along step-by-step, in this new video-on-your-computer-screen format. Just click on the PLAY and PAUSE buttons on the video lessons and try out the methods on your own computer as you watch." (Robert Ragan)


A quick note about the videos on CDs:

Nothing gets installed on your computer. The lessons are all on the two CDs that come with this course. NOTE: You do NOT have to have a DVD drive - just the plain old CD drive that is on your computer. They will work on your computer no matter what connection speed to the Internet you have, because the 17 video lessons are on the CDs themselves, not the Internet.

And Please Remember... Many of my techniques are unique and exclusive. You will NOT see many of the things Iíll show you on the Internet or in a book somewhere.

This is an awesome way to learn. I can't stress enough how wonderful it is to be able to absorb the 5 Minute Genealogy lessons in this video format. All you do is have the video lesson running on your computer and your Web browser open at the same time.

Just click the PAUSE button on the video lesson and try it out on your computer. Then, click the PLAY button on the video and continue.


"5 Minute Internet Genealogy Lessons"

Here's What You Get:

  • The "5 Minute Internet Genealogy Lessons" includes: 17 FIVE MINUTE time-saving genealogy, online family tree research and computer tips that show how to supercharge your genealogy research... and will work with any of the surnames you are researching - from any geographic areas that your ancestors came from." These 17 five minute video lessons are on a set of 2 CDs.


  • SPECIAL FREE BONUS ONE: A printable CHEATSHEET that goes along with some of the 5 minute lessons. The "cheatsheet" has notes on the lessons and all of the links to everything we cover in the lessons. 

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My best to you and yours, as always,

P.S. To long-time readers of my Treasure Maps genealogy newsletter and students who have gotten guides and courses from me before (who know that I will not steer you wrong), you want to act on my advice and look seriously into this. These 17 five-minute lessons will help you discover many ways to use the Internet to further you personal genealogy search.

"I've been carefully going through my past 14 years worth of articles, manuals, guides and courses and putting some of the very best of the best helpful tips, lessons and methods into FIVE MINUTE videos lessons..."

The 5 minute genealogy lessons are perfect for visual learners because now, with this special video technology, I can share with you great quality videos that shows action on my computer screen as you follow along step-by-step on your computer screen, and you want to see all of these helpful 5 minute video lessons.

You get the hands on experience. This video format is the very best way to teach you--even better than in a seminar setting. Why? Because it is so easy for you to watch and follow along with the videos. You watch the videos on your computer screen, then click the "PAUSE" button whenever you want. Then, when you are ready to move on, you click the PLAY button and continue the lessons. You can do as much or little as you want to, whenever you want to.

These 5 minute lessons will show you how to exactly apply the tips, tricks, and methods to you and your research situation.



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